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For the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil/Bio Hazard 1996

the original voice actor Pablo Kuntz narrates the 

Wesker Report, enjoy ! Also the Resident Evil remake mansion entering voiced by him :


Fred : Pablo, do you remember how you got the job of voicing Wesker ? What were you doing in Japan back in 1995 ?

Pablo :"Between 1994 and 1997, I was working in Tokyo as a freelance model,
English teacher, copywriter, actor and did various voiceover work from time
to time.  Overall the jobs were great fun, fairly well paid and helped fund
my backpacking adventures throughout South East Asia and Europe.
One of the talent agencies that I had signed with got me the job of Albert Wesker
via a voice audition tape I believe.I don't remember auditioning for the role.
You know, it is possible that Sergio (Alarcon) originally introduced me to the
talent agency.  Sergio and I were good friends at the time.

Fred : Do you remember when the recording sessions(s) were done ? Do you recall the date or the month ? Some voice actors said around summer.

Pablo :"That sounds right to me, it was around the summer of '95 I believe."

Fred : Do you remember where you made the recording session(s) ?
Pablo :"Sorry, I don't remember!"

Fred : Do you remember what you knew about the character of Wesker or the game during the sessions ? Maybe they showed you the live actor Eric Pirius  dressed up as Wesker or just a drawing and a character background. Did they give you any kind of direction about how to voice the character?

Pablo :"From what I recall, nothing was shared on what the character looked like,
any visuals, basically any clue about his character, any real direction.
I just read the lines that were given without much context or feedback from the director.
I was in my early 20s, just finished university, and no experience in voice acting,
and in Japan where English is a distant second language.I was making money in Japan to
fund backpacking travel around the world and this was another project to work on.
I did not think too deeply about it.From the script I could see he was a villainous
character, however, I did not have a sense on how evil he was/could to be.
  Of course, I take full responsibility on how the lines were read, and I know many
 people found the acting rather poor and even comical in parts.  Now that I have more
 of a sense of what the character should probably sound (or act) like, it would be fun
 to try and improve on these lines.  Maybe you can give me some feedback on any lines
 I redo?  Life is all about marching forward one step at a time.
  The live actor Eric Pirius(who I personally knew) dressed up as Wesker was not shared.
 I think all of that was done afterward.  That's my suspicion.To be honest, I didn't even
 know there were live actors.

I know Sergio by the way, I used to hang out with him in Tokyo back in the early 1990s.
I can assure you he definitely did not do the voice over of this project.
He might have introduced me to the producers with my voice reel,
not sure though, so long ago! "

Fred : Do you remember the other voice actors ? Have you met some of them ? Were you alone during the recording sessions or with other voice actors ?
Pablo : "I remember recording in a room sitting nearby some of the other voice
 actors if we were in a particular scene together.  We did not record standing up
 is my recollection.  We did not have much (if any) direction at all  -
 I think that might be kind of obvious!  Looking back it was a little more
 special of a project to be working on (it took at least 2 days to record,
 maybe 3).  I was grateful to have been selected for the role.

I remember watching Barry through a window when he did some of his lines,
funny, I remember his beard!  And I remember meeting Lynn too.
I knew Dean from other acting jobs and seeing him at various auditions,
it was a small world being a 'foreign talent' in Tokyo at the time.
Clay is Sergio's brother, we had met on several occasions.
I know Ward Sexton quite well, great guy, he helped get me some work
if he was too busy or under the weather.  But I'm pretty sure he was
not involved with that original RE1 voice session.  Of all of the actors
I knew Sergio best.  It was a special time in my life, early 20s, not much
of a care in the world!"    

Fred : Have you worked on other videogames or other kind of projects in the voice acting department ? Maybe the videogame Deep Fear rings a bell (1998) ?

Pablo : "I don't think I worked on Deep Fear.  In terms of voice acting,
I don't recall any other major games.  I mainly worked on English language
education tapes, promotional videos and the occasional company tagline.
I was the voice for Clarion car audio for a series of TV commercials that
ran with Jamiroquai for example. "

Fred, if you go to this video;
at 2:40 sec you'll hear my voice"

Fred : The live actors weren't aware of Resident Evil being such a popular franchise today, yourself,  did you have any clue about it ? Do you find it cool  to be part of it ?

Pablo : "Well, this is certainly true in my case!  About three years ago, I started
getting questions on my YouTube videos from Resident Evil fans asking me if I was the
voice of Albert Wesker.  It took me by complete surprise but then I remembered the
project so many years ago!  I had absolutely no idea how popular Resident Evil was,
which is a big giveaway that I am not a gamer.   I then did a search for Albert Wesker
on YouTube and saw all these videos about the franchise and the comparison of Albert's
voice over the years.  It completely blew me away that I somehow missed all of this.
The first thing I noticed was that Sergio was credited for doing Wesker's original voice.
I couldn't help but laugh because I know Sergio well and we honestly don't sound
anything like each other.  Of course, there are so many negative comments on
my original voice acting (which I take full responsibility for!), but I did read
several positive comments as well.  Anyway, when Fred asked me to read Wesker's
Report and give me a chance to re-record some of my lines, I thought that would
be fun to do, especially as I have way more context.  Yes, I find it totally cool
to have been a part of RE1, such great fans all around!  Maybe I'll pop out a
few more lines in the future for the fun of it all.

Fred : What are you doing, these days ?

I the founder of Unique Japan (
We serve clients from all over the world that wish to collect genuine antique samurai
swords.  Most of the swords are several hundred years old - it's a great passion
that my clients and I share.  After living in Tokyo for about 20 years, my wife
Donna and I moved to the UK, about an hour east of London.  We have three children
that are all in school now.   As one of my clients once told me not long ago,
'Pablo it's obvious you have two passions in your life...your family
and Japanese swords'.  

Thanks very much for everything Pablo it was a blast to get more insight from the best
videogame of the franchise !

Merch Announcement! Resident Evil Red Book Journal signed by Lexonal and OG Albert Wesker!!







Video about him posted by Alessandro Conti. 

I've contacted him for an interview via the old disabbled Youtube private message system.

Interview :

Fred : "Charlie, would you agree to share with the fans what you remember from the filming, any detail is worth it."

"I was very excited to be cast as Chris Redfield in Capcom's Resident Evil Biohazard. I never got to see the footage until recently, when a friend of mine who is an avid gamer happened upon it by accident on youtube, and he forwarded it to me. At the time I was an actor in Tokyo, from 1990 to1996, it was very difficult to get production companies to make a VHS copy and mail it to you. It's not like today, where they can just email you a link.

Anyway, that was a really fun shoot, with super cool costumes, and much more fun than most of the acting work I was doing at the time. That was over 20 years ago, and my memory of the other actors and other details are fleeting, but I am happy to share with you what I remember:

At the time I was represented by I.M.O. (Inagawa Motoko Office) in Tokyo. I am pretty sure that all the actors on that shoot were hired from I.M.O. I actually also worked for I.M.O. as a casting agent. This agency hired bilingual foreigners to work in the office doing castings, taking talent to auditions and film and tv shoots, to act as their manager and translator, as well as being talent ourselves. It was a unique business model, that allowed the agency to leverage our acting and language skills at the same time. Many foreigners would come and register at this agency, and they supplied actors and background talent to countless Japanese films, tv shows, and commercials. I did not work on any other projects with any of those other actors from Biohazard, except Eric, who played Wesker. Eric was a regular that would often go to auditions, and acting jobs with me.I remember he used to always ride his bicycle around Tokyo like a crazy man, running red lights. I remember feeling like someday he would get in an accident with a car, but as far as I know he was fine. Sorry, I don't remember his last name. As for Inezh being a high school girl, and complaining about bug bites, and wanting to finish early, that all sounds correct to me. I don't remember much about Linda or Jason. I do remember thinking Jason looked just like the sketch of his character,. Greg was really fun, and I know you already have been in touch.
I remember seeing the sketches of the characters at the audition, and how cool the costumes looked. They asked me permission to dye my hair, which is naturally very dark brown, almost black, and they also asked me to grow some stubble. I remember the stylist having a very strong opinion that the character would never grow stubble, that he would be very disciplined about shaving, while the director felt very strongly that I would have stubble because we would be on the mission for several days. When they dyed my hair, they used straight peroxide, which turned my hair almost a red color. That red hair with my almost black beard stubble looked ridiculous, so they decided the character would be clean shaven.

I recall shooting the majority of the scenes in an abandoned warehouse, and the surrounding area that was overgrown with bushes. That is where Inezh would have been complaining about the bugs, and working late into the night. The director told us to imagine we were being attacked by dogs, and I think for the interior scenes he described giant werewolf type creatures. I know you said the director was later quoted saying the acting skills were not very good. I would agree with that, but I would also say that his talent as a director, and the overall production value was also very poor, but I think all of that adds to the charm of this video, especially the cheesy Japanese pop music on the soundtrack. For the scenes where we are sitting down and resting from the battle, and I am smoking (seems like I was constantly smoking) were shot at a different location. I don't remember exactly where it was, but probably somewhere on the outskirts of Tokyo. I think it was an office inside some sort of commercial real estate area. I remember that before we started shooting that scene the director said my white shirt was much too clean, because this was supposed to be after we had already battled. I remembered that the parking lot outside was unpaved, it was dirt and gravel, and there were some puddles from recent rain. I offered to go outside an roll around in the dirt to get the shirt looking dirty and worn, and they thought it was a great idea. I rolled around in the dirt and came back. The stylist was horrified, and thought I was too dirty. The director said that I was not dirty enough, and so I went outside and rolled around some more. Looking at the video, I think the shirt is still too clean. Really it should have been much more dirty, and maybe a little bloody too.

The very last frame of the video is a close up of my eye, just before the creature kills me. We shot this in one of the hallways at the abandoned warehouse. I remember the director saying, "when the camera comes right up to your face, open your eye as big as you can in terror". I did as he asked, but my eyes are kind of small to begin with, and did not look big enough for him. So we tried it again, and he told me to wait till the camera got close in, and then use my fingers to open my eye even bigger. I remember at the time thinking that surely they will see my fingers in the shot, but it looks like it worked OK in the end...

are they going to make any more Resident Evil films? I had a quick look on IMDB, but I did not see any plans for a new movie... I live in Los Angeles now, and I still do acting work sometimes, and I was thinking how fans like you would love it if I could get a cameo in their next film...

Anyway Fred, it is a strange and very new phenomenon to me to have fans! And I am very grateful...

Fred : "Would you say that it was filmed during summer or fall 1995 ?

Charlie : " Sorry Fred, I️ don’t remember exactly, but I️ think maybe it was in the fall or winter... "summer is very hot in Tokyo, and I️ remember it was not so hot, not so cold..."

" Fred: Do you remember anything about Inezh and do you have some leads that coud help us out ?"

Charlie : "About Inezh, I don’t really remember much, until I heard the name I did not even remember it, but it sounds right to me. I really don’t know, but I feel it probably was her first name, and probably her real name, not a stage name. Around that time there were many young Aussie’s and Canadians in Tokyo, because there was a popular work/study visa for those under 26 years old, if I remember correctly. There were also many Russians in Tokyo. If she was Russian, they had their own school, I think it was inside the Russian consulate. When I lived in Tokyo, the Russian consulate was right next to the American Club, near Kamiya-cho, which is not too far from Tokyo Tower. If she was Canadian or Aussie in high school as we think, then she probably went to ASIJ, or one of the other international schools...

Kind Regards,

Charlie Kraslavsky (AKA Chris Redfield)."


Trad française 


Fred :"Charlie, serait tu d'accord pour partager tes souvenirs lors du tournage de Resident Evil, 

tous les détails meme les plus insignifiants comptent pour nous. "

"J'étais trés content d'avoir le rÎle
de Chris dans le RE/BH de Capcom.
Je n'ai jamais pu voir le résultat final
jusqu'Ă  il y a peu, lorsqu'un un ami qui est un
fan avide de jeu vidéos est tombé sur une
des vidéos par hasard sur Youtube, et m'a envoyé
le lien.A cette epoque j'Ă©tais acteur Ă  Tokyo
entre 1990 et 1996, et il était trés difficle
d'obtenir une copie du rendu final de son travail
en vhs de la part des compagnies de production,
aujourd'hui cest beaucoup plus facile en envoyant
simplement le lien d'une vidéo par e-mail.

Dans tous les cas, le tournage fut plaisant et les
costumes trés cool, bien plus marrant que mes précédents
boulots d'acteur, cela s'est passé il y a une 20aines
d'années et mes souvenirs des autres acteurs et des
détails sont flous.Mais je serai ravi de partager
mes souvenirs avec vous.

A cette epoque j'étais representé par by I.M.O.
(Inagawa Motoko Office) Ă  Tokyo.Je suis quasiment
sur que les autres acteurs venaient aussi de cette
boßte, J'y ai aussi bossé comme agent de casting.

Cette agence enrolait des Ă©trangers bilingues
pour travailler au bureau lors des castings,et pour
accompagner les modĂšles aux auditions,tournages de films et
pub tv, en tant que manager et traducteur et
aussi acteur.Une méthode assez unique qui nous permettait
de développer notre expérience en acting et en
linguistique.Un bon nombre d'Ă©trangers  ont
travaillé comme acteurs dans un nombre incalculable
de films japonais, spots tv, et séries.

Je n'ai pas travaillé avec les autres acteur de Biohazard
dans d'autres projets, à part Eric, qui a joué Wesker.
Eric était un habitué des auditions et des roles d'acteur
avec moi.Il avait l'habitude de toujours rouler comme un
dingue dans Tokyo sur son vélo, en brûlant les feux rouges.
Je me disais qu'un de ces quatre il aurait un accident avec
une voiture, mais de ce que je sais, il n'en a pas eu et allait
bien, désolé je ne me souviens pas de son nom de famille.

En ce qui concerne Inezh, le fait qu'elle était lycéene, voulait
en finir au plus vite, et se plaignait de piqûres d'insectes
ça me semble authentique.J'ai peu de souvenirs de Linda et Jason
Il me semble que Jason ressemblait pas mal aux dessins du personnage.
Greg Ă©tait sympa, je sais que tu as pu lui parler il y a peu.

Je me rappelle d'avoir vu les dessins des persos pendant mon
audition, et Ă  quel point les costumes avaient l'air cool.
Ils m'ont demandé la permission de teindre mes cheveux qui
sont naturellement chùtains foncés, quasiment noirs, ils m'ont
aussi demandé de me laisser pousser une barbe de 3 jours.

La styliste disait que Chris Redfield n'Ă©tait pas le genre
de personne a avoir une barbe ,c'Ă©tait le genre Ă  ĂȘtre bien
rasé, à avoir une discipline, elle ne voulait pas en démordre face
au réal qui lui insistait pour que le personnage ait cette barbe
puisqu'il  est en mission depuis plusieurs jours.

Ils m'ont teint les cheveux avec du peroxyde, j'Ă©tais pratiquement
devenu roux, cette chevelure rousse combinée à mon bouc noir avait
un rendu ridicule, donc au final j'ai fini rasé de prÚs.

Je me rapelle avoir tourné la plupart de mes scenes dans un
entrepot abandonné, entouré de buissons.C'est la qu'inezh a du
se plaindre des insectes et de bosser tard la nuit.

Le réal nous a demandé d'imaginer qu'on était attaqués par des
chiens, et pour la scéne en intérieur, par une sorte de
loup garous géants,Tu as mentionné le réal qui
a critiqué le jeu d'acteur, je suis d'accord avec cela mais il faut
aussi préciser que la compétence du réal ainsi que le budget
de la production Ă©taient Ă©galement faibles, cependant je pense
que le coté surjoué/theùtral ajoute un certains charme à la scéne,
surtout avec la musique japonaise pop ringarde en fonds.
(Intro Japonaise).

Pour les scĂ©nes de fin oĂč on se repose aprĂ©s cette aventure,assis
en fumant (J'ai l'impression que je fumais constamment) *rire*
Elles ont été tournées dans différents endroits.
Je ne me souviens pas exactement ou, mais probablement dans la banlieue
de Tokyo.Peut ĂȘtre un bureau situĂ© dans une zone de locations.

Je me souviens qu'avant de commencer la scéne le réal ma dit
que mon t-shirt blanc Ă©tait trop propre,ce qui semblait illogique
aprés tous les événements du jeu.Le parking n'étais pas goudronné
c'était juste de la terre et du gravier, avec des flaques formées
par une pluie récente, j'ai proposé au réal de me rouler dessus pour
salir la tenue et lui donné un coté usagé, ils ont adoré l'idée,
donc je vais me rouler au sol et je reviens, le styliste Ă©tait
horrifié, mais le réal ma demandé de recommencer car ce n'étais
pas assez crade à son gout, et j'y suis retourné.
En revoyant la video je pense que la tenue est encore trop propre,
elle aurait vraiment du ĂȘtre plus sale, et tĂąchĂ©e de sang.

Dans la vidéo d'intro de l'écran titre du jeu on peut voir un gros plan
de mon oeil, just avant d'ĂȘtre tuĂ© par la crĂ©ature, on a filmĂ©
ça dans un couloir de l'entrepÎt abandonné; Le réal m'avait dit
quand la camera arrive directement sur ton visage, ouvre tes yeux
aussi grand que tu le peux avec une expression de terreur.

Je me suis executé, mais pour commencer mes yeux sont plutÎt petit
et de plus ils paraissaient encore trop petits pour le réal,
on a recommencé et il m'a demandé d'écarter les yeux en utilisant
mes doigts, je me suis dit qu'on les verrait dépasser du cadre
mais au final ça a marché.

Est ce qu'ils vont produire d'autres films RE ? Je n'ai rien
vu de tel sur Imdb, Je vis a L.A et il m'arrive encore de jouer
des rĂŽles, je me demandais si les fans comme toi aimeraient me voir
faire un cameo dans un prochain film."

C'est un phénomÚne étrange et nouveau de savoir que j'ai des
fans!J'en suis trés reconnaissant.

Fred : Tu dirai que ça à été filmé en été ou automne 1995 ?

"Ah désolé je ne me souviens pas trop, surement automne ou hiver
l'été est trés chaud a Tokyo, je me souviens qu'il ne faisait
ni trop chaud ni trop froid."

Charlie, Eric and Greg are doing a trailer for an upcoming movie titled

The Keeper's Diary, it will tied with Resident Evil, pics there :

Teaser :
 Here's the director website :






  Quotes from him on 14th september 2017

Fred : I would like to know if you remember the names the of the japanese TV shows where you played.

Greg :" I was in a comedy call Vocabilar Tango, a soap opera called Tell Me that You Love Me and a few TV ads for Disney Land."


Fred : How have you been casted for Resident Evil ?

Greg :" I  was picked walking down the street in Tokyo.They drew the video character of Barry and
        then went out to find someone who matched the drawing. Hair cut and beard trim and I was Barry."

Fred :"Do you remember anythting from the other actors,some guy pretended that she was russian butthe person never replied to back up this info.

Greg : "I remember  Charlie well as we spent a lot of time together rehearsing and talking.The girls i dont remember too well. They were both american , Charlie was a Russian born American.I was the only Australian but they did dub my voice."

Fred : Were you aware about people like me trying to find the Resident Evil actors ?

Greg : "No I wasn't aware that people were looking for me.It's funny because some kids from around the nighbourhood asked me if I was in Resident Evil a few years ago,I've said no, because we filmed the scenes under the name of Biohazard".

Fred : Do you remember roughly the lenght of the filming , did you like the experience ? Do you have some  trivia or anecdotes about the filming ?

Greg : "We filmed for three days I think.2 days in a studio Helicopter scenes.
1 very long night from 5pm until 5 am the next day by a river about 30 min from Tokyo.
The days were long, however they were fun and we really enjoyed the experience.
I can remember that there was a lot of time sitting around between takes."

Fred : Just in case you haven't seen it yet, this is the brief making of that was the only piece of media featuring the actors besides the games.

Greg : "I have not had the opportunity to see the clips before, I loved them."
Fred:" Is this game picture fake ?"

Greg:" No, not my familly".

Fred : How are you these days Greg ?

Greg : "I am very well and retired from being a school principal and Resident Evil.There is a little bit of Barry in me still as I am a Harley Davidson rider and lead motorcycle tours to the USA, Bali and Nepal. "

Fred :  Thanks so much for your time Greg !

Trad fr 

Fred : "Comment as tu été casté dans RE ?

Greg : "On m'a choisi alors que je me baladais dans la rue Ă 
Tokyo; Ils ont dessiné le personnage de Barry Burton et sont
sorti dehors pour trouver quelqu'un qui lui ressemblait, nouvelle
coupe et rasage de la barbe, et je suis devenu Barry."

Fred :"Tu te souviens des autres acteurs ? Certaines personnes
pretendaient qu'Inezh Ă©tait russe mais sans la moindre preuve."

Greg :"Je me me souviens  bien de Charlie car on a passĂ© pas mal de temps
ensemble, mais les filles pas trop. Elles étaient américaines, Charlie
était un américain d'origine russe, j'étais le seul australien mais ils ont
aussi redoublé par dessus ma voix."

Fred :"Tu Ă©tais au courant que des fans essaient de trouver les acteurs ?

Greg:" Non, je n'étais pas au courant.C'est marrant, il y a des années des gamins
de mon quartier m'avait demandé si j'étais dans Resident Evil, le nom ne me disait
rien donc j'ai répondu que non, car avait tourné au Japon sous le nom de Biohazard."

Fred: " Tu te souviens à peu pres du temps de tournage ? Tu as apprecié cette
experience ? Tu as des details Ă  nous raconter la dessus ?

Greg:" On a filmé pendant trois jours,deux dans le studio pour les scenes
dans l'helico.Une des journees fut un tres longue,de 17h Ă  5h du matin pres
d'une riviere à 30 minutes de Tokyo.Long dependant j'ai vraiment apprecié
l'experienc, c'Ă©tait fun.Il se passait beaucoup de temps entre les prises.

Fred:" (je lui montre le making of et les cutscenes)"

Greg:"Je n'avais jamais eu l'opportunité de voir ces clips, Je les adore.
Fred :" C'est un montage ou une photo personnelle ?"

Greg:" Non, ce n'est pas ma famille". 

Fred:"Comment tu vas ces temps-ci Greg ?"

Greg:"Tout va bien, je suis retraité , j'étais principal dans une ecole,
et retraité de RE.Il reste un peu de Barry en moi, je suis un biker Harley Davidson et j'organise des tournées en moto aux USA,à Bali, au Népal."

Fred :" Merci de m'avoir donné de ton temps Greg !"




Hello Greg! First of all, thank you so much for accepting to give us this interview! Were you aware that fans have been looking for you for 21 years, since Biohazard/Resident Evil was launched? If so, how come you never appeared publicly to talk about this amazing work?

I had no idea that the fans of Resident Evil were looking for me. I only realized that there were people trying to track me down after I received an email from Frederic.
I have never been given the opportunity to speak about Resident Evil until this interview.

We know it has been a while, but can you tell us a little bit about the shootings of Biohazard videos? First, how did you get involved in it?


It was a long time ago when I was living in Japan. The shooting took two days. One day in a studio for the helicopter scenes and all night shoot by a river in an area about 20km outside of Tokyo.
There was also one or two days being made into Barry, getting fitted out for the clothes, rehearsing and hair cuts etc.
I was found by one of the producers while walking down the street in Rappongi in Tokyo. I was living in Tokyo teaching at the time on a one year exchange from Australia.


We know the videos have been recorded in Japan. How did the shootings occurr? When and where? Is there any fun fact you can tell us about it?

Yes that’s right it was all done in Japan, the actors were from the USA and Australia.
The shootings were all planned and rehearsed and directed so as they matched up with the game.
The shooting took place in August / September 1995.
Not to many fun facts, it was great fun shooting the action parts of running through the long grass shooting guns etc at the wild dogs.
The dogs were Doberman and they were super friendly in real life. They spent most of the time sitting on our laps being patted. They were lovely animals.
Barry only got to fire his gun two or three times as the firing mechanism broke and it wouldn’t work. I was really disappointed that my gun stopped working.

Were you aware that you were involved in a videogame project? What were the expectations for its launch back then?

Yes we were aware at the time that we were going to be part of a video game but we really didn’t have anything to do with it once filming was finished.
After they paid me I never heard from them again.
The launch happened without any interaction from me as Barry.






Eric : "Wow that's a blast from the past, yes that was was hot, humid and dark. We weren't sure of what was going on. We didn't have a solid  idea  of the   story board. We were told to run in a direction and look terrifed. There were some loud bangs but no dogs or helcopters of course. It was 20 years ago so my memory was hazy."

Fred : "Wearing sunglasses at night that is very cool but were you able to see anything?"

Eric : "Rough outlines there was a lot of smoke and lights. We were running around it was pretty confusing"

Fred:" Was your picture used in the Umbrella slide ? 
Eric :" No that wasn't me"

 27 March 2020 Video Interview by J DUB'S VIDEO NASTIES.



REAL NAME : Will remain unknown.Please respect the actress wish.

FOUND BY Fred_Derf

Interview  made in real time : 

Fred : "Hello Linda, I'm contacting you because I believe that you are one of the uncredited actress who played the character
Rebecca Chambers in the japanese videogame Known as Bio Hazard and Resident Evil overseas, the filming occured in Tokyo, during the year
1995.You can check out the making of and live cutscenes there.You will remain anonymous as long as you wish it, and keep your
privacy.Thanks very much for your time !"

Linda: "Hi Fred! What a surprise,you know, I’ve never seen this so it was so nice to finally get a chance to see it! I was really young when
I did the shoot and never saw half of my work. So thank you!"

Fred : "Could you tell us what you remember about the filming
and how you got the job ?"

"I will tell you one thing, the job was loads of fun!
Back in the day this kind of stuff was still fairly
advanced and high tech.I remember going to the shoot
and they had these amazing man made machine Dobermans.
They were really lifelike. I also was blonde!!
My hair wasn’t the right color for the job so they dyed it!!
They spray painted it some pinkish brown color:))

I remember the staff being very kind. It was a nice job. Easy.
The Japanese are generally extremely kind. Being a foreigner,
white blonde, skinny with blue eyes in the 90's was dreamy.
I won’t lie, you get a lot of attention and people just love you!

So I felt very happy in japan. Life was easy. I went to 10-15 casting
everyday. So I have no idea when I saw them or if they went directly
with our agency and only choose model with our agency.There was a
casting sheet in the model van We would drive around from morning till
dawn every single day.. usually from 10 until 8 pm.. going on castings
auditions.The sheet would be very basic. 10:00 lingerie. 12:00 magazine:
13:00 commercial for morinaga and so on.. There were regular clients
and huge cattle calls. Hair jobs. Catalog jobs."

Fred : "Very interesting insight.The director of the game said that during the
filming by night near the Tama river,Inezh
the other actress was supposed to have been stung by mosquitos,
do you remember this ?"

Linda :"I don’t remember the mosquitos. Generally mosquitos aren’t such a problem
in Japan but in parks I guess so."

Fred : "Do you remember the season ? Fall ? Charlie told me that it could've been
filmed during fall but it's hard to remember for sure."

Linda : "It was a nice day. Sunny. Not too cold. So it was either the beginning of
siding or the end of spring. Maybe beginning of fall.I was outside and it
was warm."

Fred : "You have a good memory ! Do you remember anything about Jason and Inezh ?
Maybe you remember their accent,I guess everyone was talking in english on set,
I mean the actors talking with each other."

Linda "I think it was American.They were nice.I was a lot younger so I remember
them looking like adults compared to me. I had smaller bones. I was thin.
She was taller.I was still very young.I felt they were older and our
roles were different so much in the shoot we weren’t together."

Fred : "Did you know that this videogame became a huge and popular franchise, one of the
best selling worldwide ?(This question is dedicated to the people who still call
us stalkers and creeps)."

Linda : " I had no idea. I didn’t even remember that I was in it until you showed up 😅I went in to do other jobs.So many jobs.Sony.Toshiba.Car commercials.
But i loved my time in Japan.Best years of my life.Like if you check youtube I’m in
the Gackt video for a song called : last song.He is the equivalent to someone like Madonna in Japan.Japan’s most loved singer.They were all jobs."
 (Maybe more later...Will ask your questions if I get the chance to talk to her again, this interview was really a lightning in a bottle and made in real time, so enjoy it!)




Traduction Française


Fred: "Bonjour Linda, je vous contacte car je pense
que vous etes une des actrices non creditée dans le jeu
vidĂ©o Japonais connu sous le nom de  Bio Hazard, et Resident
Evil dans le reste du monde.Le tournage a eu lieu Ă  Tokyo
pendant l'année 1995.Vous pouvez regardez,le making of et
les scenes ici.Vous pouvez rester anonyme tant que vous
le désirez et garder votre vie privée intacte.
Merci beaucoup pour votre temps."

Linda : "Salut Fred ! Quelle surprise, je n'avais
jamais vu ça, donc c'etait vraiment cool d'avoir
eu la chance de mater ça.J'étais vraiment jeune
quand j'ai tourné et je n'ai jamais pu voir le rendu
d'une grand partie des mes boulots."

Fred : "Peux tu nous dire ce dont tu te rappelles du tournage, et comment tu as décroché le taf ?"

Linda:  "Je vais te dire un truc, je me suis beaucoup amusĂ©e ces effets spĂ©ciaux Ă©taient assez avancĂ©s, et de pointe 
pour l'Ă©poque.
Je me souviens d'ĂȘtre allĂ©e au tournage et ils avaient ces incroyables Dobermans mĂ©caniques.
Ils Ă©taient vraiment rĂ©alistes.D'ailleurs j'Ă©tais blonde!! Mes cheveux n'avaient pas de la bonne couleur pour  alors
ils les ont teints !! Ils les ont peint à la bombe d'une couleur brun rosé

L'équipe était trés gentille, c'était un boulot sympa
facile.Les japonnais sont généralement extremement gentils.
Etant une Ă©trangere, occidentale , blonde, mince avec des yeux
bleus durant les années 90 était comme de vivre un reve, je ne vais
pas mentir, toute l'attention est portée sur toi et tout le monde

Donc je me suis senti trés heureuse au Japon.La vie était simple
et facile, je passais 10-15 castings chaque jour.Je ne sais plus
quand je les ai vu ou si ils m'ont choisie directement par notre
agence.Il y avait des planning avec tous les castings dans la
camionette qui roulait du matin au soir tous les jours de 10 heures
Ă  vingt heures, par exemple 10h lingerie, midi magazine, 13h pub
pour Morinaga etc.Il y avait des clients reguliers, des audtions de
masse , des audition pour des photos de coiffure, pour des catalogues
de mode aussi. "

Fred : "Trés intéressant, le réalisateur de jeu a dit que pendant le tournage nocturne pres de la riviere Tama, Inezh l'autre actrice a eu des problemes de piqures de moustiques, ça te parles ?"

Linda :" Je ne me souviens pas de ça, au Japon les moustiques ne posent
pas plus de problemes que ça, mais peut etre que dans les parcs c'est
le cas."

Fred : "Tu te souviens de la saison ? Automne ? Charlie m'avait dit qu'il pensait que le tournage a eu lieu en automne mais c'est assez dur de s'en rappeler."

Linda : "Il faisait bon ce jour la, journée ensoleillée,pas trop frais.
        Surement juste au dĂ©but de l'hiver ou la fin du printemps.
        Peut etre le commencement de l'automne
        j'Ă©tais dehors il faisait bon."

Fred : "Bonne mémoire ! tu te rappelles de quelque chose sur Inezh et Jason ? Peut etre un accent, tout le monde devait parler anglai pendant le tournage, les acteurs entre eux je veux dire."

linda : "Américains je pense, ils étaient sympa.J'étais beucoup plus jeune
donc je me souviens qu'ils ressemblaient à des adultes comparés à moi.
J'Ă©tais mince et les os Ă©taient de plus petite taille.Inezh Ă©tait plus
grande j'étais encore trés jeune.J'avais l'impression qu'ils étaient plus
agés et que leur roles etaient si differents dans les scenes ou je n'étais
pas avec eux."

Fred: "Savais tu que ce jeu a donné naissance à une franchise tres populaire mondialement connue, et une des plus grosse franchise en terme de vente."

Linda : "Je n'en avais aucune idée, Je ne me souvenais meme plus de ce boulot
jusqu'au moment ou tu m'as posé la question.J'ai eu tellement de boulots differents
Pour Toshiba, des pubs de voitures.J'ai adoré cette époque de ma vie au Japon,les
meilleurs moments de ma vie.Si tu vas voir sur YT je suis dans un clip de Gackt
dans la chanson Last Song.Au Japon il a l'équivalent de la popularité de Madonna.
Le chanteur le plus acclamé du Japon."

(Peut etre plus d'interview dans le futur,je poserai vos questions si j'ai la chance de pouvoir lui reparler un jour, j'ai eu une chance inouie de pour
poser ces quelques questions à Linda en temps réél et il n'est pas du tout sur que cela puisse se reproduire).

FOUND BY @Talonide (New pictures from her modeling job) , @Dr_Raichi and Fred_Derf @predator_fanboy (found a way to contact her thanks to these new pics). New april 2023 pics and karaoke vids from @Rockysan7

The 8th of august 2020
Inezh first agreed to make an interview when I've contacted her but she later changed her mind after she received the questions, she's a mother and retired now.I'm contacting her from time to time in case she changes her mind again, Be sure that everything had been proposed to get this interview done.Don't expect us to quit anytime soon.To be continued...

Inezh old japanese commercial, thanks to @Talonide
Ranking Japanese PC Version
Magazine cover thanks to @predatorfanboy

Inezh is in this 1995 japanese commercial, thanks to
@SamScot54035878 for the heads up.

Model pictures and karaoke vids thanks to @Rockysan7

Umbrella !
Karaoke video clip ripped from laser disc :

JASON ?????
(Still wrongly credited as Jason Wool on Imdb despite numerous attempts to fix it)

There is a strong probability that Jason was the comedian in this japanese car commercial
Thanks to
@SamScot54035878 for spotting it.Sam and us are trying to contact Jason's friends but we got no reply so far...To be continued.Group picture found by





Sergio Alarcon was wrongly but understandably  credited as Wesker's voice for years, he was mentioned by Lynn Eve Harris as one of the voice actors and he said yes when he was asked if he voiced Wesker, but he also mentioned recording  radio transmissions dialogues.In  fact Pablo Kuntz did the voice of Wesker and confirmed it too.

OddbjĂžrn Egil Gjerde)



Sergio recalls that he voiced a character  talking during  radio transmissions.He mentioned it during an interview there :

This detail makes him the best candidate for Brad.

(Thanks to Sam)

This is what Enrico said when asked  :



Birth Of Biohazard vhsrip with correct aspect ratio :


Lynn Eve Harris autographed picture.

Pablo Kuntz autographed red book

Interviews and translations by fred_derf 


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